The 7 Chakras


Chakras are pools of energy in our body. I refer to them as pools however you may even hear people refer to them as wheels that interlock. Either way is fine. 

The 7 major Chakras are: 

1-Root/Earth Chakra- located at the base of your spine. 

2-Sacral/Water Chakra- located in your lower abdomen, just below your navel. 

3-Solar/Fire Chakra- located right at the bottom of your rib cage. 

4-Heart Chakra - located well right in the middle of your chest. 

5-Throat/Sound Chakra - located right in the middle of your throat. Pretty self explanatory really. 

6-Third Eye/Light Chakra-located right above the middle of your eye brows. 

7-Crown/Thought Chakra- locates at the top of your head. 

Now these 7 pools all feed into each other. As long as these pools are clean and have no debris or garbage then all flows very well in your body, mind and life. 

It’s when we neglect cleaning out these pools is when things get unbalanced and go wrong in our lives. 


Root Chakra

Chakra # 1

Root/Earth Chakra 

-located at the base of your spine. 

Colour is: Red

This Chakra deals with Survival and is blocked by Fear. 

Associated Organs:





-Reproduction Organs

-Legs & Feet

When your Root/Earth Chakra is Balanced, you feel:



-Like you belong in this world






When your Root/Earth Chakra is Overactive you can become:








-Over Weight 

-A Hoarder 

When your Root/Earth Chakra is Under-active you become:


-Feel Sexually Inadequate 




-Under Weight 



Ways you can balance your Root/Earth Chakra:

Surround yourself with the colour: Red

Yoga move: Warrior Pose

Food to Eat: Beets, Parsnips, Apples, Pomegranates, Proteins

Crystal/Stones: Ruby, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Hematite, Black Tourmaline.

Mantras to use: 

(fill in the blank with a positive affirmation of what issue you would like to improve) 

“ I am......”

Knowing how to recognize the signs when things go wrong. Knowing what you can do to correct this imbalance will help you go on with your day, in a much better way! 


Sacral Chakra

Chakra #2

Sacral/Water Chakra

-located in your lower abdomen, just below your navel. 

Colour: Orange 

This Chakra deals with pleasure 

and is blocked by guilt. 

Associated organs:

Lymphatic & circulatory system, kidneys, adrenals, skin, female reproductive organs. 

When your Sacral/Water Chakra is Balanced you feel: 



-Sexually Fulfilled 

-Good Mood


-Naturally Flirty 

When your Sacral/Water Chakra is Overactive you become:

-Overly Emotional 

-Have Poor Boundaries

-Sex Addicted 

-Obsessive Attachments 


When your Sacral/Water Chakra is Under-Active you become: 


-Emotionally Numb 

-Fearful of Pleasure 


-Sexually Inadequate 



Ways to balance your Sacral/Water Chakra:

Surround yourself with the colour: Orange 

Yoga move: Wide-Angled Seated Forward Bend 

Food to Eat:

Pumpkins, Seeds, Nuts, Oranges, Carrots

Crystal/Stones: Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Moonstone 

Mantras to use: 

(fill in the blank with a positive affirmation of what issue you would like to improve) 

“I Feel.............”

Don’t let your Sacral/Water Chakra prevent you from showing up as Authentic as you can be! 


Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakra #3 

Solar/Fire Chakra

-located right at the bottom of your rib cage. 

Colour: Yellow

The Solar/Fire Chakra deals with Willpower and is blocked by Shame.

Associated Organs:

Nervous System, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Large Intestine, Liver, Pancreas 

When your Solar/Fire Chakra is Balanced you feel:

-Respect for Others



-Great at Problem Solving 


-Have Integrity 

When your Solar/Fire Chakra is OverActive you become:






-Constantly Active 

When your Solar/Fire Chakra is Under-active your become: 

-Weak Willed

-Poor Self-Esteem 





Ways to balance your Solar/Fire Chakra:

Surround yourself with the colour: Yellow 

Yoga move: Half Lord of Fish Pose 

Food to Eat:

Yellow Peppers, Yellow Lentils, Yellow Squash, Oats, Bananas 

Crystal/Stones: Citrine, Tiger Eye, Amber, Yellow Jasper

Mantras to use: 

(fill in the blank with a positive affirmation of what issue you would like to improve) 

“I Do.............”

Going for a run will burn off some of those aggressive feelings when they arise. 


Heart Chakra

Chakra #4 

Heart Chakra 

- located well right in the middle of your chest. 

Colour: Green

The Heart Chakra deals with Love and is blocked by Grief.

Associated Organs:

Circulatory system, Respiratory system, Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Ribs, Beasts, Diaphragm, Thymus Gland

When your Heart Chakra is Balanced you feel:




-Have Contagiously Good Vibes 

When your Heart Chakra is Overactive you become:



-Blaming Others 


-Have Poor Boundaries


When your Heart Chakra is Under-Active you become: 




-Lack of Empathy




-Self Pity

-Fear of Rejection 



Ways to balance your Heart Chakra:

Surround yourself with the colour: Green

Yoga move: Cobra Pose

Food to Eat:

Broccoli, Kale, Chard, All Leafy Greens

Crystal/Stones: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Malachite, Peridot 

Mantras to use: 

(fill in the blank with a positive affirmation of what issue you would like to improve) 

“I Love................”

Everyone can do with a little bit more love in their hearts. 


Throat Chakra

Chakra #5

Throat/Sound Chakra 

- located right in the middle of your throat. 

Colour: Bright Blue

Your Throat/Sound Chakra deals with deals with truth and is blocked by lies.

Associated Organs: -Thyroid gland, Larynx, Trachea, Mouth, Throat, Carotid arteries. 

When your Throat/Sound Chakra is Balanced you feel like you can:

-Express yourself easily 

-Speak your Truth

-Be Creative 

When your Throat/Sound Chakra is OverActive you become:

-Excessive Talker

-To Have and Instability to Listen

-To Stutter


-Seen as Criticizing 

When your Throat/Sound Chakra is Under-active you become:

-Unable To Express yourself Creatively 

-Afraid To Speak in Public

-Seen as Timid 


Ways to balance your Throat/Sound Chakra:

Surround yourself with the colour Blue

Yoga move: Bridge Pose

Food to eat: Blueberries, Blue Raspberries, Figs, Kelp

Crystal/Stones: Sodalite,Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Apatite, Angelite 

Mantras to use: 

(fill in the blank with a positive affirmation of what issue you would like to improve) 

“I Speak..............”

When we speak our truth we are truly free! 


Third Eye Chakra

Chakra #6

Third Eye/Light Chakra

-located right above the middle of your eye brows. 

Colour: Indigo

The Third Eye/Light Chakra deals with Insight and is blocked by Illusion. 

Associated Organs:Pineal gland, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Skeletal System

When your Third Eye/Light Chakra is Balanced you feel:



-Can Meditate

-Knows Ones Purpose 

-Seen as wise

When your Third Eye/Light Chakra is OverActive you become:

-Spaced Out


-Have Headaches 

-Have Nightmares 

-Have Difficulty Concentrating 

-Live in a fantasy world

When your Third Eye/Light Chakra

Is Under-active you become:

-Unable to see the Bigger Picture

-Easily Influenced

-Doubt yourself

-Have Poor Memory 



Ways to balance your Third Eye/Light Chakra:

Surround yourself with the colour: Indigo

Yoga move: Easy Pose

Food to Eat: Blackberries, Plums, Purple Grapes. 

Crystal/Stones: Prehnite, Sodalite, Sugilite, Labradorite, Kunzite

Mantras to use: 

(fill in the blank with a positive affirmation of what issue you would like to improve) 

“I See.............”

Keeping balanced will keep your concentration strong. 


Crown Chakra

Chakra #7

Crown/Thought Chakra

-locates at the top of your head

Colour: Violet 

The Crown/Thought Chakra Deals with Pure Cosmic Energy and is blocked by Earthly Attachments

Associated organs: Brain, Nervous System, Pituitary Gland

When your Crown/Thought Chakra is Balanced you feel:




-Connected to the Universe while still aware of one’s individuality 

When your Crown/Thought Chakra is OverActive you become: 

-Addicted to Spirituality 

-Craving Attention 

-Need to be Popular 

-Over-erotic imagination 

-Overly Intellectual 


When your Crown/Thought Chakra is Under-active you become: 

-Have Learning Difficultly

-Spiritual Skepticism 

-Limited Beliefs


-Can’t have Fun

-Often Misunderstood

Ways to balance your Crown/Thought Chakra: 

Surround yourself with the colour: Violet 

Yoga move: Lotus Pose

What you need: Fresh air, Sunlight, Nature

Crystal/Stones: Howlite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst

Mantras to use: 

(fill in the blank with a positive affirmation of what issue you would like to improve) 

“I Know...........”

The more open you are to change in your life the less stressful everything will become. 


12 Laws of Karma

Karmic Law #1


Karmic Law #1

 The Great Law  

-Whatever we put into the Universe, will come back to us.   

It’s simple really   Energy is like a boomerang.   If we put positive energy out there, we GET positive energy back.  

Visa versa if we put negative energy out then we get negative energy back.   When we slow down and take a good look around, you can easily tell what kind of energy you are giving. You will see what energy you are receiving from your life situations. 

Let’s all take a bold step and be observant of our actions so our situations become more positive.

Karmic Law #2


Karmic Law #2  

The Law of Creation 

- Life does not happen by itself, we need to make it happen.  

Life is what we make it, we can not simply sit back and expect things to happen for us.   If you want something, then go for it. Not next year, not next month, Now! 

If your goal is too big to just drop everything and go for it, then take baby steps. Every step, big or small, is one step closer to your goal! 

Do one thing everyday that will bring you closer to what you want. When you take these steps you should make record of it, so you can watch your progress. Also so you can see how far you have already come.

Being able to see your strides keeps you motivated to make it through the long haul.

Karmic Law #3


Karmic Law #3 

The Law of Humility  

 -One must accept something in order to change it.  

 Acceptance can be hard when you are resisting what is. 

 Frustration, anger, annoyance, resentment, and violence is derived from some form of non-acceptance of some form. 

We all have a choice, we can chose to resist or we can chose to accept a certain situation or person for what it is or we can change it. 

When we resist this develops pain. At first this pain is psychological. Negative thoughts become judgmental and self-destructive. Then this resistance can develop physical aches and pains, like sore back, or stiff neck from the stress of the resistance.  

If we accept something we can move on and not be trapped in the never ending pain of resistance.  

Be conscious of your thoughts.  

Be conscious of your actions.   

When a difficult situation arises how will you react?

Karmic Law #4


Karmic Law #4  

The Law of Growth  

-When we change ourselves our lives follow suit and change too.  

In order to grow we need change.   Change is the “Secret Ingredient” to get un-stuck out of the rut that we tend to get stuck in for far too long. If we are not growing we are dying.   

When life begins to be boring, repetitive, and a struggle, we need to wake up and put our creative caps on and figure out WHAT in our lives need to change so we don’t get stagnant.  

 Wondering where do I start?  

 Make a list of all things you enjoy, habits, activities, foods, hobbies, destinations, jobs, and so on.   

Take a good long look at this list, and be honest with yourself. What in that list can you incorporate into your life on a day-to-day, week-to-week or even month-to-month basis? What can you do every day to make you smile?   

Once you have decided what your next path is, stick to it. Make time for you to incorporate this change. If you want it bad enough you will be able to make this change happen. And when we do this we will grow in ways you never thought could be imaginable.

Karmic Law #5


Karmic Law #5  

The Law of Responsibility   

-We must take responsibility for what is in our lives.   

We are in control of our lives, as much as it seems things “Just Happen” to us. It is a result of all of our past decisions.   

For some people the hardest thing they could possibly do is admit when they are wrong. It is not out of the realm of possibilities. We are all imperfect humans and we can make mistakes. And that’s OK!   

It’s all how we handle our shortcomings is what determines our role we play. Ask your self, “How often are you the victim of a situation?” “Do you blame others for what happens in your life?”  When in all reality you are the victim of your own choices.   

Yes other people can do bad things to other people. But it’s when we step up and take responsibility for our own actions, that we took part in this action, is when you take your power back! You are no longer the victim.   

Saying “ I am sorry” to some people can be like a death sentence. Why is that? We all make choices, that last choice may not have been a favourable one, but you still made that decision. So Own It!   

The sooner you accept things for what they are and stop resisting what is, the sooner we all will have the peace people fought so hard for in the past.   

Taking responsibility for what is in your life maybe a shock to your pride, to many it is a very humbling experience. But it is also a very healing step into the right direction.

Karmic Law #6


Karmic Law #6  

The Law of Connection   

-The past, present and future are all connected.  

The Law of Connection goes beyond time, it is a connection of all things.   We all live on One planet together.   Yes there are different parts (countries) to this world.   However if there is a tragedy in one part of the world, do we not feel the effects anywhere we go?   These effects may not be physical they may only be mentally. Such as we feel the sorrows or the emotional toll that the tragedy brought on. However we are affected in some way.   

The connection of time in your own life is present in your daily life. What we did yesterday will affect our day today, and alternatively what we do today will affect our day tomorrow.   What kind of tomorrow do you want to have?   We are in control of our tomorrows, we have much more control than we give ourselves credit for. Some people feel powerless when they are presented with something like a natural disaster such as a hurricane. But we do have control of what we do once this tragedy has passed.   Do we stand up and offer our support? Or do we slink back and forget that it happened. When I say support, this doesn’t have to be finically it can be as simple and letting those effected know that they too are loved and cared for. Sending that kind message or spreading the message that these people need help. So that others can come forward and offer what they can too.   

Connection is present in our lives in so many ways. We are more connected than we are separated. Once you can recognize this the easier we can look past our differences that separate us.   We all need each other in this life, we always have and alway will.   Positivity spreads just as negativity spreads. It is your choice What we spend in this world. So let’s choose to spread more positivity in all that we do, so that our positivity can help heal this world that we all live in, and are all so connected to.

Karmic Law #7


Karmic Law #7  

The Law of Focus  

- One simply cannot think of two things at the same time.   

With the dawn of technology our lives became more complex yet more simple, quick, even instantaneous. We work our bodies less and our minds much more.   Yet, when it comes to focus, our minds can only take us so far.   When we get overloaded and start “MultiTasking” we get rundown. It may not be right away, because you started out fresh. But multitasking will eventually destroy your mind and eventually your body from the burden of it.   

We start a project here, then help someone else out there. You spread yourselves too thin and then wonder where it all went wrong.   Know that yes we , the human race, are very highly intelligent and very sophisticated beings. We also should know that we do have a limit. This limit, if met, can come at a cost.   

That’s why we say “You pushed me to my limit” because we know it exists, yet we always push ourselves past it more often then not. When we realize it sometimes it’s too late, and we are physically numb.   

So get familiar with how far from your limit to you operate on a regular basis. Knowing how full your cup is, will help you with those busy, overbearing days.

Larmic Law #8


Karmic Law #8  

The Law of Giving & Hospitality   

-Our behaviour should match our thoughts and actions.   

You know those days where you see that one person that just gets under your skin, but because you are a nice person, you don’t say anything out loud. You smile and have that awkwardly fake conversation about whatever story they are telling. However in your mind you are calling them every name in the book?   That is exactly what this law pertains to.   

When we act like this, we are not facing the truth of the matter. Did you ever ask yourself, “What is it about this person that you do not like so strongly?” They may not have ever actually done anything to you what so ever, however there is such detest for this person.   Perhaps on a deeper level this person makes you see things in yourself that you want to turn a blind eye to. And every time you see them you are reminded that you have not dealt with this issue in your own life.   

So you put resistance on your relationship with them. When all in reality you are avoiding the negative qualities that you are mirroring into that other soul.   On the other hand,  When we recognize something about someone else we like or adore really it is what our souls recognize in that other soul about your own self.   

Knowing this will help you face these issues and once you bring attention to these issues is how to bring them to the surface and dissolve them. You will no longer be weighed down by this resistance of self.   You can then begin to love yourself again.

Karmic Law #9


Karmic Law #9  

The Law of Here and Now  

-You cannot be present if you are looking backward.   

How often do you get lost in thought? You replay things over and over again and get caught up in all the emotions. Even though what you are doing at the moment doesn’t have anything to do with your story in your mind.  

We torture ourselves with the past and create anxieties of the future, because it is uncertain. When in all reality the present moment is all we really ever have.   

Being present in your life can be a beautiful thing. You have an opportunity to experience special moments with loved ones as they happen.  

Stepping out of the fog of endless thought and opening up to the present moment, you can clearly see the amazing world that we live in.   

Listening to a waterfall, the magnitude of power of momentum it has behind it. Or experience the song of a bluebird in a quiet forest with the warm sun rays shining through the trees hitting your face like a mother’s loving touch.   These are moments we cherish and have far too few of them.  

 Being in the moment will add years to your life, because you will be present and in control of how we live it. We wouldn’t be operating on autopilot and make as many decisions we wish we didn’t.   Bring your attention to your current life and let the past be In the past.   

Enjoy the gift of the present. To be fully connected to your reality gives you the opportunity to make it exactly what you want it to be.

Karmic Law #10


Karmic Law #10 

 The Law of Change  

-History repeats itself until we learn from it and change our path   

Have you ever had Déjà vu?   Those moments where you feel like you have been in the same situation before or the same thing happens to you over and over again.   

Because you have! And will continue to be until you have learnt you lesson from that situation.   

The Universe has a funny way of showing us our path. We all learn in different ways and all have different life or “soul” lessons to learn.   

If you find yourself in a familiar situation and don’t realize what lesson you are suppose to learn. Or are so distracted by the drama of it you completely miss the opportunity.   

This is why it is so important for us to calm our minds enough and have room for these growth opportunities when they arise.   

What I mean by calm our minds is draw you focus and attention to the present moment. To see things for what they really are, not what we were told they should be. What things really mean to us!   

You would be amazed by how much we are missing out on because we get so wrapped up in our own story in our minds, that plays over and over again.   

Look around you at this very moment, what do see, what to you feel, are you hot, are you cold, what do you smell.   

Doing this exercise will ground you into the present moment and let your thoughts float on by instead of getting caught up in the emotions of those thoughts.

Karmic Law #11


Karmic Law #11  

The Law of Patience & Reward

  -Most rewards require persistence 

 I think we can all agree that the saying “Good things come to those who wait” is a saying for a Reason.   

Fast is good, quick is better and instantaneously is best, is our mind set for most things in our lives. Yet we can not hurry a rose to bloom, the rain to pour,the sun to rise or time to pass.  

Things just happen in their own time. For good reason, good things take time. That is how it has always been, we try to defy this rule. However we always lose in some way.   

The best rewards come from the direct effort we put into our lives. So remember patience is the key ingredient to the best opportunities in life.   

The best way to keep your patience is to distract yourself with other activities in the meantime until your patience has paid off.

Karmic Law #12


Karmic Law #12  

The Law of Significance & Inspiration   

-Rewards are the direct result of the energy and effort we put into it.  

 This seems like such a simple rule. It brings us back to the 1st karmic rule “what we put out into the universe will come back to us”.  

In order for a project to be successful you need to put heart and soul into it. You can feel and see the difference in the quality of the outcome when things were just thrown together and when something was carefully planned out and done with care.   

For instance food, when we eat a meal that someone made who was not excited about cooking it reflects in taste, appearance and quality.   When a chef makes a meal, paying attention to every detail, and checking the taste the whole way through you then have an incredible meal in the end.   Just as in our lives, the more we are putting the effort into our everyday thoughts and wellbeing the better quality of life we will live.  

 We all have a choice, sit back and watch great things happen to those around us. OR take action and do it with care, not rushing through just to get to the end, but taking in fully every moment of the process.   It’s not about the end results, it’s all about how we get there, and what happens along the way.   

Being fully present in your own life so that it doesn’t rush on by, and we end up regretting what we didn’t. We never seem to have many regrets of what we did as it made us feel who we are today.  

 At the end your life, when you look back what will you say? I have lived! Or I wish I had more time to do things the way I wanted to and not how someone else wanted me to.   

Be true to you!   

Find out what makes you happy and not just do it, do it fully, do it thoughtfully.