How to Sage Your Space


Dried Sage is used to Clear Away Negativity

Instances that you would be beneficial for you to sage or clear your space:

-After a fight

-After sickness

-If someone has passed away

-When you are stuck in a bad mood

-If you feel anxious 

-If you have been around negative people or situations

-When you move into a new home


Sage Comes in all Forms

If you are allergic to the smoke of from the sage you can also use the oils of the sage to clear away negativity. You can use a spray bottle with the sage essential oils mixed with water and you then can spray your space instead. This will be just as effective.


How to Clear Your Space with Dried Sage

Supplies your will need:

-Dried Sage (bunched or lose)

-A Lit "Swift-lite" Charcole (if using loose sage)

-Abalone Shell
-Sand (to put in the shell to catch ash)
-Feather to move around the smoke

Step 1) Be sure to open you windows and doorways so the smoke can grab the negativity and take it out of your space you are clearing.

Step 2) Set you intension for this clearing session. Say a prayer to yourself like:

"I clear this space of all negativity and may only positivity remain."


"Bless this space and all that reside here, may happiness, love and joy remain."

You can really make this personal to you, what you what to clear out and what you want to replace this negativity with.

You can repeat this prayer every time you ever a new room or area of the home or space.

Step 3) Start at one of your home or space and work your way to the otherside. When you light the sage be sure to blow out the flame, you don't want it to burn too quickly. Make sure you let the smoke fill every corner, door way ,window, nook and cranny.  Know that negativity loves to hang out in dark corners and spaces.  You can use a feather or your hand to move around the smoke into the areas you want to clear. Before you enter a new room, you sage the entire doorway, so that nothing negative can enter with you. From the bottom to the top, following the entire door frame.

Step 4) Once you have filled your entire home or space with this smoke you can put out the remaining sage and sand into a wet paper towel in the kitchen sink. To make sure it is fully out, you can pour water over it. Then you can place the wet papertowel with the sage and sand into the garbage.

Allow the remaining smoke to dissipate, then you can close all your windows and doors.