Inner Buddha’s Zen Entrepreneur Podcast

The Mission

To help emotionally overloaded Working Moms find relief from anxiety and stress in their personal and professional lives, naturally. 

It’s all about creating sustainable ways to improve your mental & emotional wellbeing from the inside out.

Join me as I take you through my own personal journey and others who have figured it out for themselves. I share the secrets of how I was able to break free from the overwhelming mind chatter and constant worry, through self-discovery, spirituality & practicality. So that you can stress less!

This podcast will teach you what has been holding you back in life and making you feel stuck, so that you can more ahead more confidently and more easily with you everyday life! 

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Do you want to be featured on an upcoming show?

Do you want to be featured on an upcoming episode of Inner Buddha’s Zen Entrepreneur’s Podcast?

Are you:

A working mom who is willing to share the obstacles/ struggles that you have had to overcome that made you stronger as well as the lessons you have learnt along the way?

Are you someone who has found really easy and effective ways to create balance in your life as a mom and in your career life?

If you are looking to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and shine their light just as you are doing. I want to talk to you! 

If this sounds like you, feel free to fill out the application to be on the show! I would love to get to know you better, and share your story with the world. 

All so that we can all Love More & Stress Less. 

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Inner Buddha's Zen Entrepreneur Podcast

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Love More & Stress Less

Inner Buddha