About Tricia Schinkel

I am a Reiki Master Teacher & Awakening Coach which really means, my purpose in life is being your Spiritual Healer and Inspirational Coach.

I help you overcome Stress, Anxiety and Depression Naturally! 

So that you can get back on your path and live your purpose, on purpose. 

I work with women who are in a transition period in their life and struggling mentally. finding things hard to navigate and looking for clarity. 

I show you exactly how I was able to overcome depression and anxiety in my own life. And how to keep it from ever crippling you again! 

I used to be stress & anxious All The Time

It was so drainning.

Then the depression set in.......

I would spend so much time in my head, and was unable to pay attention to what was happening around me. 

I would feel tired and drained from all the worry, but I couldn’t stop it! It would just me take over. I was a prisoner of my thoughts. I didn’t even realize I was doing this to myself, it was just normal. 

Until I hit my breaking point and was sick of living this way. 

I had to make a decision, I chose me. 

I chose to focus on my mind and my health. 

I chose to surrender to change. 

I chose to be better for me and my family. 

Throughout my journey I have learnt:

  • How to say goodbye to the old me. 
  • How to overcome the pain my emotions created.
  • How to say “No” without guilt or having to explain myself to everyone.
  • How to live my life the way I wanted to, and not what others expect out of me.
  • How to let go of guilt, shame & resentment.
  • How to let go of self doubt and stop to criticizing myself all the time.
  • How to see beauty within myself.
  • I gained the confidence I needed to move forward in life and live my purpose, on purpose. 
  • I have learnt how to Manifest my Dream Life!
  • I took back control of my life! 

And it feels Great! 

I now teach how you can do this for yourself in my Awakening Coaching Series! 

You have your choice of 3 different Coaching Series:

4 Week Series- Begin the Journey Within 

6 Week Series- Awaken Your True Purpose 

8 Week Series- Living The Empowered Life 

Each coaching package will change your life in a different way.

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