The Zen of OM



Have you ever wondered how people could meditate for hours and hours?  They started with just a few minutes. The secret here is to start with just 5 minutes, then slowly add on. 

Learning to sit quietly would mean you would have to be fully present in your life. Being aware of your surroundings, of your current energy you have in this very moment. 

Feeling your Breath flow in and out of your lungs, filling your belly.

Meditation is not about getting lost in thought, its about observing those thoughts, without judgement. Do not start planning or creating new ideas. Do not get entangled in the web of your thoughts. Simply watch the thoughts float by like white puffy clouds on a sunny day by being the silent watcher of your thoughts. You can learn alot about oneself by observing your thoughts. 

Understanding that your mind will need some time to settle, and a thoughtless mediation is achievable once you have let all your thoughts race by.

The best way not to get attached to any one thought is to distract your mind by following your breath. Feel the cold air flow through your nose into your lungs filling up your chest and expanding your belly. Then follow your breath out. 

If you catch yourself getting attached to any one thought, bring your focus back to your breath this will bring your focus to the present moment. 

Check out podcast Episode 20, to learn the basics to meditation and see for yourself how easy it is! 



In order to stay positive you need to THINK positive. The best was to do this is positive Affirmations or Mantras.  

Remind yourself of the positive thoughts just as your unconscious mind replays the negative self talk when you are depressed.  Be conscious enough to keep these positive reminders in the fore front of your mind. In this way you then reprogram your mind to automatically see the light in a situation instead of the dark. 

A good way to start this positive take over is to be more present in your everyday life. Not only see the flowers but feel the silky pedals, and smell the floral fragrance, really take it all in. 

Do you ever wonder what Buddhist monks do with their beads that they hold? They are repeating mantras to themselves over and over again, bead by bead. You can start simply by repeating one word over and over again like the word "LOVE".

You would be amazed the difference one word can make in your day.



The most important component of meditation is your breath. 

Taking long deep breaths at the begining your meditaion will help you get settled into the mediation. 

Breathing in throught the nose and out through your mouth. Breathing not from your chest but from your belly. 

Counting into your breaths will help regulate your breath.

-Breath in 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

-Breath out 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Slow your breath and your rate of thoughts will slow as well.