What Exactly Is Awakening Coaching All About?

Awakening Coaching is a great way to hit the Re-Set button on your life! 

And a little secret ( you can do this at any time AND as often as you need)

Awakening Coaching will help you overcome the Stress, Anxiety and Depression that has been holding you back and weighing you down. 

Whatever has been heavy, uncomfortable, and overwhelming will melt away.

Emotions can be overwhelming when you have been stuck in stressful environments for quite sometime. 

Are you sick and tired of being emotionally triggered, and don’t understand why? 

Are you at the end of your rope with dealing with things blowing up and all the drama? 

Are you ready for change? 

Awakening Coaching Will: 

  • Help you through changes in your life.
  • Explore your Spirituality 
  • Help you grow Personally 
  • Repair relationships (with yourself and others) 
  • Help you understand WHY things haven’t been going your way.
  • Help you step into the flow of the Universe to make the most of the abundance available all around you at all times
  • Help to turn things around to make life work FOR you instead of Against you. 
  • Help you reach your personal goals
  • Give you your energy back 

Awakening Life Coaching

Awakening Coaching


This is a sacred space for you to dedicate yourself to learning, evolving and growing into the best version of you!

What You Can Expect

· Become Free from Your Thoughts & Emotions

• Overcome Stress & Anxiety

• Overcome Depression 

· Overcome Self-Doubt

• Overcome Your Fears

•Attract More Love & Money into Your Life

· Become Empowered So That You Can Take Back Control of Your Own Life

· Learn to Use Your Intuition to Guide Your Decision Making in Life, So That Making Decisions Becomes Effortless & Simple   

· Start Living from a Place of Certainty, 

Instead of Fear

· Ignite Your Passions 

· Restore Inner Peace 

• Find Your Purpose in Life

• Increase Self Confidence & Self Worth

• Boost Your Self Esteem

• Find New Meaning Life

• Have Better Quality Relationships

• Create The Life You Always Knew Was Possible 

· Manifest Your Dream Life

You have 3 Levels of Awakenings to choose from. 

Which one are  you guided to?

4 Week Series – Begin the Journey Within

Main Objective: 

Improve your Confidence and Self-Worth

6 Week Series – Awaken Your True Passions

Main Objective: 

Discover your true purpose in life and how to embrace it!

8 Week Series – Living the Empowered Life

Main Objective: 

To stop living for other people and how to start living for you! 

Founding Assumptions

  1. No one wakes up with Bad Intentions 
  2. Past does not = Future
  3. No one is broken
  4. Everything is Possible 
  5. Empowerment comes via Responsibility 


I wanted to start off by saying that I met Tricia for the first time a couple of weeks ago at work and meeting her has literally changed and improved my life.  It’s crazy because we’ve both been working at the same place for several years and it’s the very first time I’ve met her but oddly I felt so comfortable with her that I was opening up about things I normally wouldn’t do with someone.  

She began telling me about her practice in Reiki and things about myself that were completely SPOT ON and I was blown away because there’s no one in my entire life that has been able to do that, even in the long term relationships that I’ve been in.  

The fact that she was able to tell me all of those things about myself having literally just met her has made me feel whole and at peace for the first time for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always had doubts and more recently have been questioning everything that I was doing but that all completely changed when I met her.  For anyone looking for guidance, self improvement and just leading a better life, I would definitely approach Tricia.

 I for one feel whole again and I have her to thank for this.  So thank you again Tricia and I’m so glad I met you and I hope you continue to keep inspiring people and making them feel the same I have since I’ve met you!!

-Rodney B.

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